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1. How can I view educational webinars and series on the LMS? 
You can view HCA E&R's LMS content by creating a user account and registering for the courses you want to view. 
  • If you are a new user, please enter your email address under 'New User' to set up your password. After doing so, you will be automatically redirected to the registration form.
  • If you are an existing user, please enter your login credentials and then complete the registration form.
2. What if I have an HCA account but forgot my username and/or password or am unsure if I have an account?
If you forgot your username and/or password or are unsure, select a course you would like to register for and then select 'forgot username' and/or 'forgot password' and follow the instructions sent to your email.
3. How do I know if i'm logged into my HCA account?
If you are not logged in, the menu item in the upper right corner will read 'LOGIN'. Just click it and you will be directed to the LMS login page. If you are already logged in, this menu item will read 'MY ACCOUNT'. Clicking it will reveal a dropdown menu.
4. Do I have to be a member of HCA to create an account and to register?
No, anyone can create an account to access educational materials on our LMS.
5. What browser should I use?
Please ensure you are using an up-to-date browser such as Chrome or Safari. Internet Explorer is not an option and should not be used regardless.
6. How much does it cost to register for the Best Practices Series or the Project Firstline trainings?
Both courses are available free of charge.
Still need help? Contact Laura Constable, HCA's Senior Director of Membership and Operations

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