Project Firstline Infection Prevention and Control Training

With the continued threat of COVID-19 variants and other emerging infectious-disease risks, IPRO and the Home Care Association of New York State (HCA) are working together under a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)-led project to bring critical infection-control education to frontline healthcare staff in New York State. Project Firstline is supported by Health Research Inc. (HRI), the corporation that administers funding to further public health goals of the New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) and other entities.

Its goal is to provide innovative, engaging, and effective training on infection control protocols directly to frontline healthcare personnel and the public health workforce, building on existing training for home health aides, personal care aides, and other direct caregivers, along with a special emphasis on training frontline staff who are not required to complete mandatory infection control training for re-licensure.

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Navigating this Series | Project Firstline series is organized into six chapters, each with multiple modules available to watch at any time. Once you have completed the series you will receive a certificate of completion via email.
Download this Series | LMS Foundation Level Training Toolkit provides the training outline and links to the associated training presentations and videos as well as all evaluation tools that can be installed in your agency’s Learning Management System. Download our toolkit here

Chapter 1: Introduction to Infection Control and Virus Basics00:25:30
Pre-test: Ch. 1
The Concept of Infection Control 00:07:30
The Basic Science of Viruses - Part 1 & 2 00:18:00
Post-test: Ch. 1
Chapter 2: PPE and Respirator Basics00:30:00
Pre-test: Ch. 2
Eye Protection 00:12:00
Gowns & Gloves 00:06:00
Respirators 00:12:00
Post-test: Ch. 2
Chapter 3: Environmental Cleaning and Disinfection Basics00:14:30
Pre-test: Ch. 3
Cleaning? Disinfection? What’s the Difference and Why Does it Matter? 00:14:30
Post-test: Ch. 3
Chapter 4: Source Control and Hand Hygiene00:14:30
Pre-test: Ch. 4
What is Source Control? 00:04:30
Do We Really Have to Talk About Hand Hygiene? Again? Yes! 00:10:00
Post-test: Ch. 4
Chapter 5: How COVID-19 Spreads00:22:30
Pre-test: Ch. 5
How Respiratory Droplets Spread COVID-19 00:05:00
How Viruses Spread from Surfaces to People 00:04:30
How Can COVID-19 Spread When You Don’t Feel Sick? 00:04:00
Virus Strains – What do new COVID strains mean for Infection Control? 00:06:00
How COVID-19 Spreads – A Review 00:03:00
Post-test: Ch. 5
Chapter 6: Injection Safety - Nurse's Only00:18:30
Pre-test: Ch. 6 (Nurse's only)
Part 1: How Do I Safely Use a Multi-Dose Vaccine Vial? 00:06:00
Part 2: How Do I Safely Use a Multi-Dose Vaccine Vial? 00:09:00
Multi-dose Vials - Review 00:03:30
Post-test: Ch. 6 (Nurse's only)
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